What are the applications of natural stone?

Why choose natural stone?

Why are some natural stones more expensive than others?

What is meant by the quality of natural stone?

I saw a natural stone with lots of color variations.

How come that natural stones have veins?

I saw I stone I liked, but it has veins and cracks. What should I do?

My natural stone has variations in color or structure

Can I pick my own natural stone?

The natural stone I bought is different from the one I saw

My floor has different color blocks

My supplier does not have enough stock, what are the consequences?

How much reserve do I need to factor in?

What is the 5 percent rule?

My natural stone has changed color

What is patina?

There are stains on my natural stone

My natural stone is scratched

What color of grouting should I use?

What grout width do I need to keep?

Why is my natural stone not calibrated?

What size differences should I expect in natural stone?

What side and surface finishes are there to choose from?

What sizes are there?

Can I install floor heating if I have a stone floor?

I have questions about the installation

My natural stone is damaged

What does it cost to restore or renovate natural stone

Can I install natural stone on an existing floor?

I heard that cleaning natural stone is problematic

What is the best way to maintain natural stone?

When is natural stone frost-resistant?

What kind of foundation do I need for my terrace/driveway/walkway?

How high should the drainage slope be?

What about expansion joints?

Where do I need expansion joints?

What are standards?

Where can I file a complaint?