Febenat aims to promote natural stone and to professionalize the market. To this end, we provide information to the market by means of our own publications and the professional press. That is what we call our indirect approach. We also have a direct approach. This second pillar consists of seminars for organizations, presentations for companies and training programs.

Our Technical Committee is composed of business managers and experts from various companies. They are responsible, among other things, for the content of the technical data sheets. These sheets are updated whenever new information becomes available.

Febenat members engage to observe a deontological code that contains particular rules on the distribution of correct and clear information on natural stone. As far as natural stone is concerned, we speak in one voice.

Each member commits to the Federation and engages to be present during meetings of the technical committee, the board of directors and the management committee.

Febenat works together with some important stakeholders within the industry. Febenat is a board member of various technical committees within the WTCB. The WTCB also has a delegate within Febenat. As such, communication lines remain open and prompt action can be taken.

Furthermore, Febenat closely collaborates with the Dutch IDH (Initiatief Duurzame Handel - Sustainable Trade Initiative) that aim to market sustainable and equitable products. Febenat is part of the steer group Responsible Natural Stone that work together with TFT to promote sustainability of the employers in the natural stone industry. For more information, please consult the website of TFT and IDH. If reports are published, Febenat will lend any assistance required, insofar possible. Click here to read the latest report and the press release by the Landelijke India Werkgroep on child labor in Indian stone quarries.