What is the Declaration of Performance or DOP?

As of 1 July 2013, construction materials that fall under a harmonized standard or that are compliant with the applicable European technical assessment, must come with a DoP when they are launched on the market. The declaration comprises the essential features of the materials. These are expressed by level, by category, or by means of a description, in compliance with the applicable harmonized technical specifications.

The declaration is established by the manufacturer or the importer, and takes into account both the product itself and its intended use. As such, the user (or the party buying the product) is able to select the right construction product, while being fully aware about its performance for the intended use. As such, the declaration offers the certainty that the construction works meet all the fundamental requirements, taking the location into account. Indeed, depending on where in Europe the building will be erected, there are different environmental conditions to be reckoned with (extreme temperatures, frost, hours of sunshine, earthquakes,...).

These declarations can be made available electronically on a website. Each trader in natural stone must create a DoP, bearing a CE-marking, for every product they sell.

What is the CE -marking?

It is the manufacturer or the companies selling the product that must ensure that their construction product s carries a CE marking. As such, they attest the conformity of the product with the declared performance. For construction materials that fall within the scope of different legislations that each require the presence of CE-marking, the CE marking indicates that the product that carries the CE marking is compliant with each of these legislations.

By virtue of the Construction Products Regulation, the CE marking may only be attached to the product once a Declaration of Performance has established. The CE marking must be visible, legible and indelible. Principally, it must be attached either to the product itself, or on the product label or packaging.

CE fig