Quality Mark

What is the Febenat quality label?

As natural stone is extracted and not manufactured, it requires a different approach from manufactured materials. The main focus is of course on the finished product, but as importers and wholesalers, we also have a responsibility towards the extracted product. Indeed, the quality of the end product starts in the quarry. This is the first step in the process towards obtaining the quality label. As Febenat members maintain intensive contacts with the local quarries, they can be certain about the quality of the supply. Everybody can buy stone from the quarry, but if there are no regular contacts between parties, it is certain that the quality will suffer.

Marque de qualité - Febenat

Then, the product must be followed up. Our members’ customers are habitually not the final users of the product. To ensure that natural stone is applied as it should, our members put all information that is necessary to obtain a good final result at the disposal of their customers. Information on the selection of the product, installation, use and technical datasheets is available at Febenat. It happens, however, that other companies shamelessly copy this information. As such, we advise you to only rely on the information if it is linked to materials by Febenat.

All Febenat members have signed a deontological code, which sets forth that the member shall behave in a manner that befits a worthy entrepreneur, in compliance with the law. Every member engages to provide correct information to its customers with every order, and to ensure correct delivery procedures. Each incoming complaint must be dealt with internally. This is in fact a separate item within the quality label.

Febenat does not only deal with complaints by its members. Our technical committee deals with all incoming complaints. Due to matters or confidentiality, we are not at liberty to divulge the details, but complaints are for us an important yardstick, allowing us to keep our finger on the pulse and react appropriately and in a timely manner. A complaint form is available here.

From the implementation of the CE marking system, all Febenat members have fully complied with this European guideline. A CE marking and the declaration of performance that comes with it are attached to every Febenat product. Even today, many companies still fail to comply with the regulations and, as inspections are not always performed, the natural stone on the market sometimes fails to meet the requirements.