Caliza Capri

Caliza Capri

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Referentiebenaming: Caliza Capri

Oorsprong: Zarcilla de Ramos, Lorca (Murcia) (Spain)


Beige-white limestone with transparent matrix in which the ooilites are easily recognized. Small shell fragments are occasionally present. Pores can be observed between the ooilites. Fine stylolites (with low primary amplitude) occur sporadically.


Color nuances always occur to a greater or lesser degree, even within the same batch. Small holes usually appear in the surface (hollow ooilites) and sometimes light veining occurs. Caliza Capri may show traces of honing if backlit. This is unavoidable. No complaints will be accepted after laying.


Feature Norm Avg. Stand. Dev. E- E+ Unit
Apparent density NBN EN 1936 2534 21 - - kg/m³
Open porosity NBN EN 1936 6.48 0.47 - - vol.%
Resistance to compression NBN EN 1926 111.9 15.4 81.1 - N/mm²
Flexural Strength NBN EN 12372 12.8 1.9 9.4 - N/mm²
Abrasion resistance Capon NBN EN 14157 23.87 0.85 - 25.9 mm
Abrasion resistance Amsler NBN B15-223 3.75 0.58 - 5.67 mm/1000m
Frost resistance NBN EN 12371 56 cycli
Petrography NBN EN 12407 oölithische grainstone (Dunham), oösparite (Folk en NBN EN 12670)
σ: Standard deviation / E-: minimal expected value / E+: maximum expected value



Floors and Plinths
Wall Cladding Dry Area
Chimneys, Furniture


Ventilated Facade Cladding


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